Swimming pool

Swimming pool

Build your own pool in Thailand Phuket brokers sells and builds your pool in Thailand. You can choose between many different sizes of pools. To have their own pool in the garden is both stylish and practical. Below you will find our models on the pool .


Some of our swimming pools.

Alue7492269-WsUJKOur smallest model, Alue, fits nicely even in the small garden. This model is available in two sizes: Alue 1, 4×2.5×1.5 m and a slightly larger version Alue 2, which is 5×2.5×1.5 m.
The price is not icluding installation.
Price Alue 1: 349,000 THB

Price Alue 2: 398,000 THB

7492299-oDFWfPalm Cove

This is a very exclusive pool with unique design and round shapes. The built-in spa area makes Palm cove is a luxury pool.
The price is not icluding installation
Size: m 8×4.5×1.5
Palmcove: 559,000 THB


A large and rich pool of classic style with Roman staircase and spa area; the absolute favorite place for fun and relaxation.

The price is not icluding installation.

Size: 11.5×4.1×1.2-1.8m

Atlantis: 659,000 THB


Swimming pool

Swimming pool we offers now is fiberglass and hybrids pools combining fiberglass sidewalls with concrete/fiberglass bottoms products with high standards and the products there’s never any room for compromise on quality.

All phuktbrokers Fiberglass & Hybrid pools Thailand are manufactured in a controlled factory environment under strict supervision, resulting in a predictable high-quality product.

An unyielding commitment to quality has been  stock in trade ever since the company started produced it’s first fiberglass pool.  It’s a monument to the enduring quality of our product.

Today, more than ever before, busy people are looking for ways to upgrade the value of their home and enjoy more family fun time. After visiting www.phuketbrokers.com./swimmingpool   web site, contact us  to find out how a fiberglass & Hybrid pool  can enhance the value of your property as well as your family’s quality time.

For more examples of our Swimming pool designs just contact us and we will send you all styles we have, but we are also open to new idea in design if you have something in your mind.

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